“You can send your account details inbox for transport money back to Abuja” — Comedian, Pastor Nicodemus tells Aboki Comedies

Nigerian Comedian, Pastor Nicodemus Mbatsavtampu told Aboki Comedies who is trekking currently from Abuja to Makurdi to attend “BOOK OF NICODEMUS” show to return back.

Nicodemus also told the fan to send his bank account details in his Facebook inbox for a transport fare, for him to return back to Abuja.

The fan was captured trekking with a banner poster the upcoming show which is organised by Pastor Nicodemus tagged “BOOK OF NICODEMUS CHAPTER 20:23.

According to a post shared on facebook by Nicodemus, he said that the it’s risky, stressful and he see no need for the journey.

It’s risky, stressful and trust me i see no positives from this. You can drop your account details inbox for transport money back to Abuja.
If na my show you wan attend, Zaamo Transports will give you a ride on the 24th of November. I’ll also give you a VIP ticket to attend my show.
Don’t get me wrong, i appreciate the sacrifice to show support for my brand but Naija as a country don too hard, let’s not make it more difficult for ourselves.” He Said.

He shared that, one of the Abuja based Transportation Company, Zaamo Transports will give the fan a ride on the 24th November, and he will also give him a VIP ticket if he truly want to attend his show.
Pastor Nicodemus Mbatsavtampu is the talent behind, Bleaking News, he is from Benue State but Currently based at Abuja-Nigeria.

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