“Why I named my album ‘Maverick'” – Singer, Kizz Daniel Explains

Nigerian super singer, Kizz Daniel has explained why he named his new album, Maverick, saying he named it after himself, because that is what he actually represents.

The body of work was released on July 28.

When asked to explain further about the inspiration behind the album’s title, he says that’s what his entire being spills, and he has just been shying away from the name — Maverick.

“I have always seen myself as a maverick from the onset. I feel I’ve been shying away from embracing it,” he said.

“Maverick is just basically someone that sticks out, someone that doesn’t go with the norms, someone that goes his own way, and so, I’ve decided to embrace it, and that is why I went for the title Maverick”, he added.

Fondly known as Vado The Great, the father of two explained that the album would serve as a magnum opus that showcases his true self-expression and authenticity as an artist.

He noted that the project delves into themes of love, growth, emotion, resilience, and introspection.

“Recently, I’ve been trying a more dilute version of Vado just to appease the fans, but this time around, I just decided to go hard.

“The only thing that kept coming to my mind when we were making this album was pretty much, I want to do what I know how to do, I want to make music the way I want to make music.

For Maverick, It’s my expression, and I think the inspiration about it just explained itself now. I want to give a piece of me that I have been hiding all this while.”

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