[Breaking News] Mass communication social excos, BENPOLY chapter explained their role in the Department

The Mr. Mass Communication in collaboration with the Mr. Ambassador, Mass Communication Department, Benue State Polytechnic ugbokolo in the late hours of Friday, 21st October 2022, explained further on their role in the Department as the social excos.

Speaking with Vicmedia, Mr. Mass communication, Torsombo Semen and the Mr. Ambassador, Kwaghngise Victor said that since their resumption in the office with their fellow colleagues, the students of the department are yet to know their various duties as the social excos.

Explaining, Torsombo said that the role of the social excos in the Department is to ensure that; unity, peace and cooperation is highly maintained in the mist of students as well as with their lecturers.

Kwaghngise Victor added that, his role in the department as the Mr. Ambassador is to represent the social affairs of the department outside her premises with his Miss Ambassador respectively.

Our role in the department is to ensure peace, unity and Cooperation amongst members or students of the Department “

We serve to make provision for the betterment or success of our fellow students and the department at large; their happiness, success, gladness is our pride”

The social excos in Mass Communication Department consist of Mr. & Miss Mass Communication, Mr and Miss Ambassador, Mr and Miss Face of Mass Communication, and Mr. & Miss Swag respectively.

Copyright by 9jasoundz (Written and Edited by Victor Kwaghngise)

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