The Desire To Give My Father A Befitting Burial Made Me Engage Into Robbery – Suspect

An armed robbery suspect known as, Chigozie Anene, has said that he went into armed robbery because he needed money for his father’s burial and his fairly used clothes business.

The 29-year-old suspect stated that he and his gang bought expensive goods from armed robbers and sell them at give-away prices. He also disclosed that he would steal expensive cars and tricycles and sell them again.

The suspect also had a stand-by mechanic who changed parts of the tricycle he stole so he could resell it to unsuspecting individuals, The Nation reports.

Anene went into hiding after his criminal gang was apprehended by the Inspector General of Police’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

In a bid to catch him, one of the IRT agency disguised as a buyer trying to get a tricycle. Anene fell for the trap and got apprehended when he appeared.

During initial investigation, the suspect who is a father of two disclosed the reason he went into robbery.

He said:

“I live in a one-room apartment at No. 4 Mosalasi Street, Igando, Lagos.

“I used to operate as one-man gang, singlehandedly stealing tricycles in my neighbourhood.

“My problem started when one Tunbu and one Prince became my friends and lured me into forming a three-man robbery gang to make bigger money.

“They convinced me that there is less risk in snatching cars than tricycles and that stolen cars have more standby buyers.

“The urge to give my father a befitting burial contributed most to my forming a robbery gang as well as getting enough money to boost my second-hand clothes business and live big like some of my mates.

“When I decided to stop armed robbery, my members nearly assassinated me because they felt that they were no longer safe and they would not be able to rest after any robbery operation, because I could become a police informant.”

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