“So you guys didn’t see the blunders at the event to talk about?” Stephen clerick reacts as Benue Bloggers failed to report the Benue’s Chubby Chick Event.

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One of the Benue State entertainer, Stephen Clerick reacted as Benue State Bloggers failed to report the Benue’s Chubby Chick Event which was hosted at the State capital on 16th April, 2023

According to a post shared on social media by Stephen on Tuesday, 18th April, 2023, expressed disappointed in Benue Bloggers, for seeing nothing worth at the event to report back to the public.

He said this, emphasizing on the performances of some state Artistes, Questhood and Karen Martins, which was said to have taken everyone up their feets; phrasing their performances as “amazing”.

“Makurdi Bloggers Na wow So you guys didn’t see the blunders at The event to talk about? The fun?
The amazing performance by Zaki Kumator Questhood and Karen Martins that took everyone up their feet?”. He asked.

Vicmedia/9jasoundz had it that, Benue State Bloggers turned up to shift the blames back to the hosts of the event for not giving them an official invitation.

Reacting, Benue State Bloggers and content creators/writers, Kuhe Aondohemba and Shawa Michael and many others spoke brusquely over the issue, saying that Bloggers are the most underrated professionals in the state and as such the entertainment scene in the state has underrated the power of promotion and publicity.

They said this clearly, that they can’t go to any event uninvited, they can’t report some events non-sponsord, and they have to respect themselves before another person does.

“Bloggers are the most underrated professionals.
Anybody can just wake up and think they can drag them. Everybody feel entitled to their generosity. The entertainment scene in Benue underrated the power of promotion and publicity. Every body with likes and comment believe na them De run Makurdi they no need publicity”. Aondohemba said.

The event of the Benue’s Chubby Chick took place at City Bay Park, Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria.

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Published on: April 18, 2023. at: 4:15 pm


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