SMOG meme coin
SMOG meme coin

One coin that stands out among the rest this period is SMOG meme coin, casting its fiery glow over the battlefield of digital assets. Behold, the mighty SMOG! A dragon of unparalleled strength, SMOG incinerates all who dare to challenge its dominance as the fastest growing crypto meme coin with up to 600% profit.

But SMOG offers more than just raw power; it promises the Greatest Airdrop in History. With each passing moment, the momentum of this monumental event builds, drawing in crypto enthusiasts from far and wide. No other meme coin can withstand the scorching flames of SMOG’s supremacy. Guys this is the time to give SMOG a text.

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What SMOG meme coin investor will get

For those are brave enough to align themselves with this fearsome dragon, riches await. By purchasing and staking SMOG, investors not only earn rewards but also secure their place in the annals of crypto history. The opportunity to join forces with SMOG in vanquishing its enemies is a privilege few can afford to miss. Dont missed out!!

And for those who act now, there is an exclusive offer: a 10% discount for those who buy and stake SMOG without hesitation. This is the final call to seize this discount, to stake your claim in the saga of SMOG and reap the rewards in no distance time.

SMOG meme coin roadmap

SMOG meme coin started by are as follows:

  • Airdrop ResearchWebsite BuildToken DeploymentSocial ActivationFighting Dragon Slayers
Fair Launch
Ethereum LP & Staking
10,000+ Loyal Chosen
Social Dominance
Burn Opportunities?
Airdrop Launches
More Airdrops?
100,000+ Chosen Warriors
Social Mastery
Crowned SOL Kin

SMOG meme coin token information

SMOG tokenomics include an allocation for the airdrop, granting the Smog community access to the largest airdrop in history, distributed on Solana.

  • 50% of the token supply is designated for marketing efforts.
  • 35% of the token supply is allocated to airdrop rewards.
  • 10% of the token supply is reserved for CEX launches.
  • 5% of the token supply is reserved for adding liquidity for the DEX launch.

SMOG Token Addresses:

SOL: FS66v5XYtJAFo14LiPz5HT93EUMAHmYipCfQhLpU4ss8

ETH: 0x89e8e084cc60e6988527f0904b4be71656e8bfa9.

How to make profit on SMOG

To make profit on SMOG,

(1) Buy on Jupiter or and start filling your bag with rewards.

(2) Hold or stake to earn. Hold SMOG to earn Airdrop point and qualify for bounty, or buy and stake on Ethereum to qualify and earn extra.

(3) Claim your airdrop. SMOG token hold and staked prepares you for the best airdrop in history, distributed by solana.

How to buy SMOG

To buy SMOG meme coin follow the following process:

1 – Buy and Hold (DEX)

To purchase on Solana, click here! and link your Phantom or another Solana wallet. Exchange SOL, USDT, BONK, or other assets to acquire $SMOG tokens. Retain them to be eligible for the airdrop! We will automatically detect this and commence tracking your airdrop points.

2 – Buy and Stake (OTC)

Utilize our OTC widget located at the top of their page to procure $SMOG on Ethereum at a 10% markdown and stake them to earn APY. Tokens staked are locked for a period of 90 days. Additionally, you will qualify for the airdrop!

3 – Sign up for the Airdrop

Become a part of the Smog community on Zealy to accumulate extra points contributing towards the $SMOG airdrop. The more tasks you fulfill, the more points you’ll accumulate! These points will be updated a few weeks after the launch.

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