Profile of TopCity JE (Birth, Education, Career, Lifestyle)

Jackson Emmanuel (born December 22 1999) known as TopCity JE is a Nigerian, a singer and a songwriter.

Friends, fans and family call him FINEST considering his cool looks and manners.

Early Life:
TopCity JE was born in the city of Abak, Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria; he spent most of his teenage years in local entertainments. He wouldn’t be the first to attempt music in his family as his biological mother made a career as a singer at local functions.

TopCity JE known also as FINEST made his mark first on the music scene in early 2022, making 3 outstanding records “Angel, Won’t go Away, and Dreams”

ANGEL’ being his first single has broken jinx and spotlighted his path, giving him chances of breaking in without challenges.

He started off as a graphics artiste and a typist in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State; but only made up his mind to take up singing in early March 2022.He then recorded and put out the single ‘ANGEL’ in his hometown, Uyo.

Sources of inspiration:

In everything he does, he quickly picks up inspiration and this reflects in his works. To sum it all up, listening to acts like Wizkid, Ruger, Magixx, Davido, KIDI, Kwami Eugene and many others give him more strength and ability.

FINEST first single “Angel” is now playing on radio stations, in streets and blogs all over Akwa Ibom State and the South South/South Easth region of Nigeria.

He is now brought to a space where everyone enjoys whenever he is called to sing and perform on stage…

Hair colour: GOLD
Complexion: FAIR
Height: TALL
Dentition: OPENED
Favourite colour: YELLOW
Dislikes: PRETENCE

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