Profile of Kwaghshir Victor (Birth, Education, Career, Lifestyle)

Kwaghshir Suurshater Victor, was born in April 1st, 1992, in Anyiin, Logo Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria.
He Born to proud parents, Kwaghshir Msugh and Hannah Kwaghshir, he hails from Guma Local Government of Benue State.

He is a multifaceted creative talent deeply rooted in his cultural heritage.Growing up in the heart of Benue, he developed a profound love for his cultural heritage, leading him to become a dedicated advocate for Benue music and arts.


Kwaghshir’s educational journey began at Prince Victor Nursery and Primary School, Anyiin, where he displayed exceptional enthusiasm for learning and creativity. He continued his academic pursuits at Government Secondary School, Anyiin, honing his skills and passions. Currently, he is a dedicated 400L Philosophy student at Benue State University, Makurdi, showcasing his commitment to both intellectual growth and his love for artistic expression.


As a versatile talent, Kwaghshir wears many hats in the world of creativity. He is a prolific blogger, accomplished writer, skilled graphics designer, and ardent music enthusiast. His passion and expertise converge in his role as the founder and editor-in-chief of BenueVibes, a digital platform he established to champion the cause of Benue music and culture. Through this platform, he has tirelessly worked to bring the rich tapestry of Benue’s musical heritage to the forefront.

Kwaghshir’s dedication to promoting Benue music is evident in his extensive writings on the subject. His insightful analyses and deep knowledge of Benue music have earned him recognition as a rising star in the Nigerian media industry. His words resonate with authenticity and expertise, making him a valued asset to the Benue music community.

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