Profile of Abraham Jeremiah (Birth, Education, Career, Lifestyle)

Abraham Jeremiah (Born 24th June) is a graphic designer. He design business flyers, social media posts, Church handbills, Business cards and Birthday flyers.

I design eye-catching and creative posts.

Additionally, Jeremiah have experience in designing quality graphics, which is why He have completed over 200 projects in the last 4months.

He obtained certificates of Primary and Secondary Education respectively.

He is also a Gospel Song minister, and has the gift of the HOLYSPIRIT, functioning in the office of an Apostle.

He is also a certified Fashion designer, a hard working and talented man. A native of Rivers State and Single he has a WhatsApp platform called “praywithjeremiah” and he has a TELEGRAM CHANNEL called “DESIGNERS COMMUNITY” where he helps every graphic designer understand certain principles of Graphics.

If you have any work relating to his skill, then contact him. He is available to solve your problem with his skills and experiences.

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