[News] Divine Group of Schools, Mbaton celebrates Children’s Day


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In a bid to celebrate Children’s Day, the Divine Group Schools, Mbaton Tongov in Katsina Ala Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria have organised and celebrated her first children’s day celebration party on 27th May 2022 hosted at the school premises.

Comrd. Iordye M Sylvester (Cashier DGS)

The opening prayer was done by the Cashier of the Divine Group of Schools, Sir Mr. Iordye Sylvester.

Mchianan T Cosmas (former Principal DGS)

The former Principal of the school, Sir Mchianan Cosmas in his welcome speech/address on behalf of the management, staff said that, Children’s day is a ceremony that is celebrated worldwide, as a matter of fact, May 27th every year is a traditionally recognised children’s Day celebration in Nigeria, where all the Children are granted holiday as part of government’s desire of promoting social well being in the country.

DGS (Secondary section)

Cosmas Further Said that, Even though most children in the village do not have fully knowledge of the occasion, some of them usually take a free day to play away from school, others are seen in their various school uniforms celebrating the the occasion through various activities such as Marching parade at selected stadiums and so on in accordance with the administration planning of each state.

DGS (Primary section)

The Proprietor, Mr Ishouwa Ubaya and the management lastly appreciated all those who in one way or the other have made the event a success.

Proprietor,DGS, Mr Ishouwa Ubaya

The occasion of the Children’s day celebration at Divine Group of Schools Mbaton was done with events such as Debate, Marching parade, quize, Drama.






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Published on: May 27, 2022. at: 6:12 pm


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  1. In a special way I May like to say a big thank you to your hard work, support and courage in order to have a successful children’s day celebration. Thanks May God blessed you. Amen

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