music funding

How to apply for music funding and grants 2024

music funding

Music funding can be a great way to scale your music career as an independent musician. Music is a financial support provided to musicians, composers, music producers, and other professionals in the music industry. You can request for funding from different sources like government grants, private foundations, nonprofit organizations, crowdfunding, sponsorships, and even licensing deals. For those looking for funds to support their music career follow this steps to apply and secure your music funding.

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Steps on how to apply for music funding

(1) Find funding opportunities:

Begin by researching funding opportunities available for musicians. Look for grants, scholarships, fellowships, and sponsorships offered by governmental organizations, non-profits, private foundations, and corporations. These opportunities may vary based on your location, genre, career stage, and specific project needs.

(2) Check if your qualify for the funding:

Make sure that you meet all the requirements regarding age, nationality, musical genre, project scope, and any other specified criteria. If your unsure of this criteria contact the funding platform your making use of.

(3) Prepare you musical projects

Prepare you musical projects in details Include information about your artistic vision, objectives, target audience, timeline, budget, and expected outcomes. Make your proposal to align with the goals of the organization.

(4) Bring supporting documents

Collect all the supporting documents required for your funding application. This may include your resume or curriculum vitae (CV), samples of your work (e.g., recordings, videos, press clippings), letters of recommendation, budget estimates, project timelines, and any other relevant materials.

(5) Fill the application form

Fill out the application form provided by the funding organization accurately and completely. Make sure you provide clear answers to all questions.

(6) Submit your application

Submit your completed application by the specified deadline. Make sure to submit all required documents in the format requested by the funding organization.

list of music funding and grants in the UK & Europe

You can apply for music funding in UK and the entire Europe and get a good response. The most important thing is that you know what you want. Most organizations that offer music loan or grant would want to know your plans in the nearest future and how you have been working towards it. Bellow are some of the music funding and grant options in the UK and Europe along with their website links:


(1) Arts Council England

Provides various funding opportunities for musicians and music projects.

Website: Arts Council England Funding

(2) PRS Foundation

They offers funding schemes supporting emerging and established musicians and composers.

Website: PRS Foundation

(3) Help Musicians UK

They provides funding and support for musicians at different stages of their careers.

Website: Help Musicians UK

(4) Musicians’ Union (MU)

They offer various support schemes including funding for recording, touring, and professional development.

Website: Musicians’ Union Funding

(5) BPI (British Phonographic Industry)

Offers funding and support for British music exports.

Website: BPI


(6) European Cultural Foundation

They provides funding and support for cultural projects including music initiatives.

Website: European Cultural Foundation

(7) Creative Europe

EU’s funding program for the cultural and creative sectors, including music.

Website: Creative Europe

(8) European Music Fund

Supports various music projects and initiatives across Europe.

Website: European Music Fund

(9) Music Moves Europe

Initiative by the European Commission supporting the European music sector.

Website: Music Moves Europe

(10) Nordic Culture Fund

They provides funding for cultural cooperation in the Nordic region, including music projects.

Website: Nordic Culture Fund

list of music funding and grants in USA & CANADA

These list of organizations and grants can be valuable resources for musicians, composers, and music industry professionals seeking financial support for their projects and artistic endeavors.

United States:

(1) The ASCAP Foundation:

They provides grants to support music education, talent development, and humanitarian efforts in music.

(2) BMI Foundation

They offers various scholarships, grants, and awards for aspiring composers, songwriters, and musicians.

(3) The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

Provides grants for various arts projects, including music.

(4) The American Composers Forum

They offers grants, awards, and residency programs to support composers and musicians.

(5) The Aaron Copland Fund for Music

They supports a different type of musical activities, including performances, recordings, and educational programs.


(1) Canada Council for the Arts

Provides grants and funding for Canadian artists, including musicians and composers.

(2) SOCAN Foundation

They offers grants and awards to support Canadian music creators, including composers, songwriters, and publishers.

(3) FACTOR (Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings)

Provides financial support to Canadian musicians, helping with the production, marketing, and promotion of recordings.

(4) Musicaction:

They offers funding programs to support the Canadian music industry, including artists, managers, and record labels.

(5) Canada Media Fund (CMF)

Supports the creation of Canadian content, including music-related projects for television, digital platforms, and other media.

These organizations and grants can be valuable resources for musicians, composers, and music industry professionals seeking financial support for their projects and artistic endeavors. Make sure to check each organization’s website for specific eligibility criteria and application guidelines.

list of music funding and grants in Africa, Australia and Asia

Here some common list of music funding and loan grants in Africa, Australia and Asia. Make sure you check the website links for proper confirmation.


(1) Music In Africa Foundation

  • While not directly a funding body, Music In Africa provides resources, networking opportunities, and occasionally advertises grant opportunities relevant to the African music industry.
  • Website: Music In Africa Foundation

(2) Arterial Network

Focuses on supporting the arts and culture sector in Africa, including music.

They may occasionally offer funding or highlight relevant opportunities.

Website: Arterial Network


(1) Australia Council for the Arts

They offer various grants and funding opportunities for artists and arts organizations, including those in the music sector.

Website: Australia Council for the Arts

(2) They provides funding and support for arts projects and initiatives, including music-related endeavors, in Queensland.

Website: Arts Queensland

(3) Music Australia

Although primarily an advocacy organization, Music Australia may provide information on available grants and funding opportunities within the Australian music industry.

Website: Music Australia


(1) Asian Cultural Council

They gives you grants to support cultural exchange in the arts between the United States and Asia, including music-related projects.

Website: Asian Cultural Council

(2) Japan Foundation

They offers various grant programs to support cultural exchange and arts projects, including those related to music.

Website: Japan Foundation

(3) Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF)

Promotes dialogue and collaboration between Asia and Europe across various fields, including arts and culture, which may include music-related grant opportunities.

Website: Asia Europe Foundation

Please note that the eligibility criteria for these grants may be different from each other, so it’s advisable to check the respective websites for the most up-to-date information and specific application guidelines.

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