[Lyrics] Destiny vClemz – This Love

INTRO: Cheers! Destiny vClemz in the

building eee…


Me I get fine girl wey say no..

to naughty we, she be alina..

all the way from Canada..

her mumcy be Justina…

she got a father wey dey fight like johnsona…

I dey fear fear.. I dey shake shake (2x).

She said Destiny cool oo, vClemz cool it

down… I dey tell am palle dey make me fall

down I dey shake shake I dey fear fear oo..


Wan kwase this kind Love is too big ooo

Wan kwase this kind of is foolish ooo

Make I call Monica… Money in the bank oo(2x)


I no wan to stress .. to call you first

Your father no wan see my face

On your beautiful face eee..

I no wan to look for case

From nobody else..

Cos I got mine, I got mine…

Let me call Monica, calina, Martina, Paulina, celestina (2x) oee cos there

Is money in the bank ooo

Money in bank cos I fear fear eee


She be one (2x)

I dey fear fear… I dey fear to fall in love

To fall in love… D’Music Lord….

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