Jaruma Finally Apologize To Netizens For Living A Fake Life As She Shares Clip Of Her Real House

Popular Kayanmata seller and sex therapist, Hauwa Muhammed popularly known as Jaruma has taken to social media to apologise to netizens for living an unreal life.

According to the clip she shared, she said she had been living a fake life on Instagram for over 10 years. She also revealed to have been telling lies about her home.

In her words, she said;

“Good evening everyone, I just want to apologise for living a fake life for the past 10 years on Instagram, showing I am rich. Sorry for the lies, lie, lie, lie, lie everyday. I am sorry for the lies I am a changed person.”

In the clip, she disclosed her real home which is an uncompleted building without paint.

According to her, she said;

“this is my real home and this is where I live you know, and my husband is in the bedroom…”

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