JAMB 2022 exam and admission will be very competitive, how prepared are you?

JAMB exam for 2022 begins May 6th. For all prospective UTME candidates who will be taking part in the 2022 JAMB exam, the main thing you should be worried about should be how to ensure you pass the exam excellently well.

The total number of registered candidates for this year is 1,837,011 candidates. This means that just like in previous years, the admission will be quite competitive.

So one thing that will give you an edge is a very good JAMB score. That is what should be your goal right now. You don’t need to wait for the JAMB form to come out or for the JAMB exam to be close. START THE PREPARATION NOW!

1. Study with the 2022 JAMB Syllabus: This tool shows you the topics that you are expected to cover in each subject and helps you determine if you have adequately covered all the topics and reading requirements for a particular subject. We have provided the 2022 syllabus, the summary of the 2022 novels for literature-in-English, and a comprehensive summary of the Book Life Changer for the 2022 English language exam on the First Class JAMB CBT exam app and software.

Download 2022 First Class JAMB CBT App for Android phones and tablets
Download 2022 First Class JAMB CBT Software for computer systems
2. Practice with JAMB CBT App and Software: The First Class JAMB CBT app and software gives you real JAMB past questions and the real JAMB CBT environment. The features of the app and software will help you to easily practice JAMB exam questions and answers, provide explanations to answers, and adequately prepare you for the exam.


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