How to download mp3 from YouTube

Downloading mp3 from YouTube video is no longer an issue, since there are a lot of online tools that can handle that at the speed of light. So will show you How to download mp3 from youtube in very simple way. Make sure you read to the end. But before you start, go through one of my article Youtube to mp3 converter what you need to know.

As we all know that the popularity of YouTube mp3 downloaders has grown exponentially over the years, making it the best tools for content creators, music lovers and even some artists.

The Need for YouTube MP3 Downloader

YouTube mp3 downloader is very important if you into content creation, video editing, music production and the rest of them. Lets say your watching a video on YouTube and you heard this music or voiceover that got your attention in the video background. What come to your mind should be “how do i download this background sound? and that is where YouTube mp3, mp4 downloader come in. It can also be used to extract sound from any video online.

How to download mp3 from YouTube 4 steps to follow

If you want to download mp3 or mp4 file from YouTube follow this 3 steps:

Step (1) Open the video that you want to download on YouTube and copy the link:

If your on youtube click on the video and click on share as shown bellow:

How to download mp3 from YouTube 3 steps to follow

Copy the URL of the video.

How to download mp3 from YouTube 3 steps to follow

Step (2) Search for any online YouTube to mp3 downloader

Just type on your browser “YouTube to mp3 downloader” and select any of tools that appears. I personally use and ytmp3 because they have a simple user interface and you don’t need to register or login before making use of their platform.

Step (3) Paste the URL into the element box on the converter tool

Past the url you copied earlier into the element box on the tools page and click convert.

How to download mp3 from youtube

Step ($) Convert or download the video

youtube to mp3 convert

At this point, the video will be automatically converted to MP3 format and saved to your device for you to use. As soon as the conversion of the video is completed you will see a „Download” or “Convert” button. Just click on it If you dont understand the process explained in this guild read this article Youtube to mp3 converter what you need to know.

Legal Considerations when converting YouTube video to mp3

When your converting or downloading youtube video for other purposes you must consider some copyright law. Remember YouTube videos are protected by copyright law, and downloading or converting them without permission from the copyright holder may constitute copyright infringement. And If you plan to use the converted MP3s for commercial purposes, such as selling or distributing them, additional legal considerations may apply.

List of popular online Youtube to mp3 downloader

Here are the list of online YouTube to mp3 downloaders and converting tools:


(2) y2mate


(4) YouTube MP3


(6) onlymp3


(8) ytmp3.








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