CPen is revolutionizing the world of digital currency by offering a unique opportunity to mine cryptocurrency directly from your smartphone. With 100% verified accounts, cPen ensures security and transparency, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced miners alike.

Gone are the days of complex mining rigs and expensive hardware investments. With cPen, anyone with a smartphone can participate in the exciting world of cryptocurrency mining. Whether you’re waiting for a bus, sitting in a coffee shop, or simply relaxing at home, you can effortlessly mine cPen and start earning rewards.

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But what sets cPen apart from other digital currencies?

It’s not just about accessibility; it’s about reliability and trust. With 100% verified accounts, users can rest assured that their earnings are safe and secure. cPen prioritizes transparency, providing users with full visibility into their mining activities and rewards.

Cpen main goal

Cpen main goal is to develop into a social media platform, rather than merely a digital mining app. People will use cPen to share their stories, thoughts on any topic, utilizing text, pictures, or videos. At this stage, cPen will closely resemble traditional web 2 social media. The key distinction lies in the fact that cPen empowers $pen holders to participate in content management and share in the profits generated by cPenNetwork. Furthermore, cPenNetwork’s vision extends beyond this; they plan to expand into various other sectors, such as local services, payments, games, and e-business, integrating them with $pen.

Cpen Mobile Digital Mining

Mobile digital mining allows users to mine for free using their phones without consuming additional resources or battery power.

The process of mobile digital mining are in two distinct steps:

Step 1: Mobile Mining
During this initial step, the coins mined by the user are not yet considered real cryptocurrency, but exist as a digital record within the cPen system. Users are required to perform a daily check-in (mining) session by tapping the start button every 24 hours. Importantly, after initiating the session, users can safely close the app or log out without affecting the ongoing mining process. Additionally, this phase does not utilize any mobile resources or drain the device’s battery.

Step 2: cPen Open Network Blockchain Development
In the second step, the cPen Open Network Blockchain will be developed outside of cPen mobile app, and the digital coins ($pen) acquired during Step 1 will be seamlessly migrated to the blockchain. During this transition, the coins on the blockchain become genuine cryptocurrency, marking the culmination of the mobile digital mining process.

The Value of Cpen

We understand that the value of cryptocurrencies primarily depends on consensus. However, $pen’s value will be rooted in both consensus and the value generated by #cPenNetwork itself. As #cPenNetwork creates value and profits, $pen will find a solid foundation.

How to mine Cpen

Daily Check-In: Ensure you check in daily to earn $pen.
Invite Others
Intermittent Rewards: Keep an eye out for occasional rewards.
Watch Ad to earn $pen
We will develop more method to earn $pen for our community members.

The Team

They are a tiny, dedicated team of individuals who, in our spare time, contribute to this project with a strong passion for bridging the worlds of web 2 and web 3. We acknowledge that we are currently limited in size, lacking the ability to make promises at this stage. Initially, development may progress at a slower pace, but as the project expands, we aspire to grow our team and expedite development.


Thy envision this project as community-driven, with the majority of cPenNetwork ownership belonging to our miners. We have no plans for pre-sale or external investments; currently, the only potential source of funding might be through unobtrusive in-app advertising, with the goal of minimizing its impact.

Total Supply

The total supply of Cpen will be influenced by various factors, including the number of registered users, active miners, halving events, and reward structures. A precise figure cannot be determined at this moment.

White Paper
We recognize the significance of a white paper, and we intend to develop one. However, there are more pressing priorities at this moment.

Getting started with CPen

To start mining Cpen:

(1) Simply download the app,

(2) Create your account,

(3) start mining.

With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, you’ll be up and running in no time. Plus, with ongoing updates and improvements, cPen ensures a seamless mining experience for all users.

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