[BREAKING] Vigilantes attacked; Destructions and Injuries

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Men with Cutlasses, who are also known as Vigilantes have attacked the family of Aun Akaamar from Mbaton tongov Katsina ala LGA Benue, on the 31st of March 2022.

Report said that, the men came in to the house of Aun Akaamar and ordered the two young men who were around at the moment to catch an untied goat for them, but the two young men objectively refused

Hembaga Kenneth, one of the family member who was also involved in the incident, beaten and injured said “Some Cutlass men came to get the untied goats and commanded that we should help them get it, while we refused they open fire on us”

Also speaking, Aun Raphael a member of the family who was also involved in the attack said that, “I ran inside my room they break my door and did there operation”

“I over powered them and run, they got Kenneth my brother who was trying to separate me from them”.

And even struck him with a Cutlasses. He said.

However, the community and the entire family are asking the community rulers and the government to look in the matter, as the vigilante are called to bring “Peace” and not to bring destruction of lives and property.


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Published on: April 2, 2022. at: 7:38 pm



  1. What??My own class mates??The two guys in question,Hembaga Kenneth and Aun Raphael are my class mates right 4rm day one at divine mercy!These men in uniform are too harsh and heartless!God will save u from the hands of wicked jezebel!

  2. Justice is a word reality
    In sankera axis, keep it up bro the truth should be handled for even the traditional rulers said those boys have a right to kill.

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