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2king is very hard working independent artist who has established his brand in the competitive music industry with little resources.

Gawan Terver Vincent started his primary school in LGEA primary school Joban from primary 1 to 3 and graduate in Kingdom International Nursery/Primary school Agagbe, Gwer west LGA, Benue state Nigeria with good prefect which HeadBoy

2king discovered his talent as an artist right from his childhood when he used to dance to songs of that time especially Naira Marley And Zlantan (Malians dance).

He has achieved Success in the entertainment industry and he contributed greatly to the development of the music industry. he social media handles have fell the powerful impact of the trend as his fame and recognition keeps increasing daily.

I had a tough time going for events then because my parents thought i was too small and young for that. he later on upgraded the crew into a big time entertainment (Nakcity Entertainment) where we had the likes of JQ, Chris-God, Oliver K, Baba lu kee, Rubby wise, MC Fada and FranGod.


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