[Article] ”Grave our Last Bed” by Kwaghngise Tersur Victor

Upon birth, the first thing that every child does is to inhale , and the last thing that you will do is to exhale. Death is the highest relaxation where by one’s life is totally at rest.

When we dies, it’s not that the soul have sinned, nor the body have done abominable acts, it’s because the creator of heaven and of the earth wants him and his soul at rest .

The body that you carry is just a piece of earth. The soil that is gathered and made of this body, as well as your identity have become so strong that losing it looks like a terrible thing.

Through our life time, other people’s lives are embodied una a delightful, felicitated and pleasurable status while in some, it’s embodied in an indigent, impoverished and needy status. But Death have classified and put all men equal. The status of been rich or poor is been dump into a single pit known as GRAVE.

Ones personality is loosen, ones name is forgotten, ones identity is perished, it all become a thing of memory. So we all have a single bed after our life time.


Remember that, all the things we struggle for during our life time are all vanities, egotism and ostentation, they are prompt in putting one’s life at risk.


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