Akaayar Rockson-Biography

Akaayar Rockson Aondongu was born in 1997. He is an indegene of Katsina-ala LGA. He started music in 2018 as a song writer. He recorded his first song titled ‘Sad Day’ it was a tribute song in the year 2019 featuring fasky ridah , Bone guy and Samba . The song was mastered by Lilnelly Mr yinax. He is a gospel artiste , some of his songs includes; Zamber A Ter, Shie Kuma ft venchizzy, My hope , Sankera, a dream ft Sec-child and alot more.

He worships with nkst and he is a member of the boys brigade Nigeria .He is a trumpeter and also a member of Sunday school (MIM).


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