A Seminarian of Makurdi Diocese to serve at the Requiem for Pope Benedict XVI

A Seminarian of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, Emmanuel Lamshima Gbatar, who is undergoing formation and discerning vocation to the Catholic Priesthood in Rome, precisely at Pontificio Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide, Via Urbano VIII, 16, 00165 Roma, is scheduled to serve at the requiem and rites in honour of the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI who died on Saturday 31st December, 2022 and will be buried today, Thursday 5th January, 2023.

The Ag vocationa Director, Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, Tor Hugh thank the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, Bishop Wilfred Anagbe For sending many seminarians to different countries across the globe.

“We thank the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, Most Revd Wilfred Chikpa ANAGBE, CMF for his wisdom in sending Seminarians to many Seminaries and different countries.”

“We appreciate our many Seminarians like Emmanuel Lamshima Gbatar who are representing the Diocese so well. We thank also the Committee on Liturgy for finding our Seminarian worthy to serve the Church at such a Holy Mass and rites.”


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