A poem for Mohbad’ death by MoMo (Tribute to Mohbad)

Here is a poem which is written for the tribute to Mohbad, the late Nigerian popular artist whose date has gone viral on social media.

The poem was written by a Nigerian Poet called, MoMo.

Read the poem below:

The last time I checked
The only crime committed
Was to come from a poor background.

I just saw myself in an environment
where I was too gifted for both the living and dead
I knew I have gat to survive

In that lieu I found myself in the hands of vampire
That’s clothed as empire.
I cried heavily thinking my voice could be heard
But was taken for drug addict
And mentally challenged

Only me knew what I was passing through
But has got no mama to speak and pray for me
In the world where I was father to my father
I became fatherless

Speaking up couldn’t help me
I was in the hands of people mightier than the sword
I gathered all courage to live on but always got depressed
I couldn’t imagine being ripped off my hardworks
Which has turned hardlock

In the lieu I remember I gat take nothing when going
I decided to leave early
Everyone started missing
Even my woman whom I loved kissing

My Music started topping charts
The blogger’s who never posted my wails
Posted my hell

I saw all your pity but you all came late
Thanks for all your cares.
Take care of my 5 months old baby

Written by MoMo
Motivated by art-work by Chigbu Joshua

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