A poem as Tribute to Mohbad by Mercy Idu stirs reactions on social media

As the death of Nigerian Popular Rapper, Mohbad causes bad emotions from the hearts of many, Mercy Idu has written a poem which stirs reactions on social media.

Read the poem below:

As a kid, I watched mom and dad struggle to put food on my table

We slept on empty stomachs in several occasions

And I watched my mom cry herself to sleep whenever there was no food

While other children went to school with food or extra money for snacks, I went to school hungry and stayed that way till dismissal

Soon the streets became the most friendliest place for me

As I realized my talent of making people happy through music

I sang and sang in the streets of Lagos

Even on empty stomach,
I sang good lyrics with joy and felt satisfied doing so
As I continued to pray and hope that God will send help to me soonest and then the world would hear and appreciate my music

I kept promising my mama that everything was soon going to be alright and by then
I will buy her big houses, cars and make sure she never lacks anything ever again

Yes I kept trying and trying everyday to make that promise a reality.

The street got me
My brothers from the street made trenches felt like paradise for me as we sang, complement and corrected each other in love

Then one day,

I got a call

“Hello, am I speaking with Imole?
I heard your freestyle and it was really good,
So the Marlian record label will like to sign you meet me in so so so place tomorrow to seal the deal if you are interested”

I rolled on the floor, jumped and danced in excitement

Then I informed my family and close friends about it and they were all so happy for me

Alot of them wanted to be me at that point

The true happiness on my mama’s face meant the world to me

The thought of no more poverty,
New story, New level,
New life and riches continued to replay in my mind as I smiled throughout that night

I could barely wait for day to break,

Very Early that morning,
I ran to the nearest saloon and reshaved my hair even though I had just shaved it yesterday

All I could think of was how to look my best in front of my helper

So I wore my best clothe and shoe before finding my way to the address he gave me over the phone

In the place,
I was entertained, celebrated and treated like a brother even before signing the deal

At last I signed it and he said

“Welcome to Marlian record label, we are now officially brothers”

Tears of joy flew from my eyes as they all hugged me and ordered for more drinks to cheer and celebrate the moment

“Mama I made it
Mama your son will finally be known in the world…
Our sufferings are over
Your son just signed the deal to greatness”

I screamed out loud
While kneeling down in front of my mother
and she shared tears of joy uncontrollably
and thanked God for coming through for us

*I thought there will be a day that all my pains will go away then e go be party always

*I thought my grace was auto…. automatic

Little did I know that I signed a deal to sadness ever after and untimely death

Written by Mercy Idu

RIP Mohbad Imole

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